Dr Daniela Rossi

Great smiles at any age


Canada has made great strides in reducing the number of people who have lost all their teeth – a condition known as being Edentulous. The percentages of the population most affected are adults over 40, with the most significant group being seniors 60-79 years of age. However, dentures are not always the result of age‐related issues, many younger people also have either full or partial dentures due to sporting incidents, dietary challenges, personal accidents, etc.

Currently, we have many options for those clients who have lost their natural teeth, with the most common being removable dentures. Depending on your need, we can supply:

Full Dentures - an economical solution that supplies a full set of upper and lower teeth, which can be removed each night for cleaning and storage. From time-to-time, some adjustments may be required and we can do these for you right in the office, or in some more extensive cases, we can send them away for adjustment. These must be removed at night.

Partial Dentures - replaces only the missing teeth in your smile, as they sit comfortably in your mouth, hooking on to the teeth on either side of the missing teeth to fill all gaps. These must also be removed at night.

Regardless of the denture option you choose, we always do our best to ensure an ongoing comfortable fit that ensures that you feel confident every time you smile!