Dr Daniela Rossi

General Dental Services

Check-ups, Dental Cleanings, X-rays & Consultations

Having a healthy mouth is critical for your overall health and well being, and keeping your teeth and gums clean is an important factor in your general wellness. It's important to include both conscientious home care along with regular scheduled dental check-ups.

During your regular check-up, we'll clean and examine your teeth, gums, and soft tissue of your mouth in order to provide a thorough review. We'll remove any tartar or plaque build-up and polish your teeth so they are looking their very best. After your cleaning, Dr. Rossi will complete a personal review and consult with you on the best ways to ensure a long-lasting and healthy smile. When needed, we'll also take x-rays so that we can ensure that your teeth and jaws are healthy both above and below the jaw line, and we'll check for any dental problems or decay so that we can catch any issues early and commence treatments before problems arise.

We have many different cleaning techniques such as manual, ultrasonic and prophy-jet solutions (baking soda) and we tailor our cleaning process to ensure your maximum comfort and effectiveness.

Maintaining regular scheduled visits also helps maintain a healthy mouth, and is critical in ensuring a healthy smile for years to come, so making appointments for regular cleanings is highly recommended. Typically, a normal cleaning interval is once every 6 months, however, if the periodontal condition of your gums indicates more disease or inflammation, then we will recommend a more frequent cleaning schedules as needed. We'd be pleased to discuss a schedule that's right for you.